Robots that Care was founded in 2010 to support the introduction of robots in healthcare, for example huggable robots like Paro for elderly people with dementia.

We are convinced that robots can complement existing aids. With regard to the example above, huggable robots can complement ´snoezelruimtes´ or animals to combat loneliness, stress, and depression. There are also many other practical problems in healthcare, for example with eating, washing, putting on compression stockings, and other nursing jobs or activities of daily living. Robots may help with such problems and improve the life of both clients and caregivers.

Robots that Care acts a center of knowledge for people in healthcare and supports them. We provide consultancy, organize workshops and user meetings, and can guide the acquisition and implementation of robots in healthcare. Robots that Care also participates in research and development amed at increasing and improving the robot offers that will become available in the future.

Jeroen Arendsen, CEO, CTO, MSc, PhD
Agali Mert, CMO, FS, MD, PM&R Consultant

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