Paro and Nao in healthcare

A nice item was made by ´Radio Nederland Wereldomroep´ from our recordings with Paro and Nao in a group home for elderly people with dementia.

Source: Robots om mee te lachen, huilen en knuffelen
Published on: Oktober 25, 2010 – 7:00 am | by Thijs Westerbeek van Eerten (video: RNW)

Unfortunately, some things did not pass the editing very well:

  • The Nao robot is now controlled manually (by Saskia Robben in this case). Responding autonomously is still in development.
  • Nao is used within TNO moslty for children with diabetes, in the ALIZ-E project. It functions on the one hand as a play buddy and on the other hand as a docters assistant reminding the child about taking medication and keeping his food journal. For that setting the emotional displays were developed. The idea is that some emotional intelligence (recognizing and showing emotions and adapting to a child’s personality) can help Nao with its ‘job’. For more info contact Rosemarijn Looije or Mark Neerincx of TNO. For early results, see artikel.
  • The scientific results with Paro are presented by Shibata and Wada (2010) in Robot Therapy – A New Approach for Mental Healthcare of the Elderly (journal: Gerontology).
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