The people

Jeroen Arendsen, as a designer and researcher at Philips, KPN, TNO and TU Delft, is devoted to creating human-centered design solutions and, more in general, to making life suck a little less. He feels that technology should make our lives easier, not more difficult. He has a large experience with advanced interaction technology, speech recognition, gesture recognition, and robotics in various domains.

Agali Mert, as a specialist in physical medicine & rehabilitation knows and through his work experienced the importance of well being and quality of life for people. He has a large experience how high-end technology with the use of virtual environments can be used in health care settings. He works with passion to find transdisciplinary, creative and preferably affordable solutions for many types of care challenges. He feels that people-centered answers for contemporary problems form the basis for reaching long lasting health and well being solutions.


One Response to The people

  1. Tiny Berkers Boekhorst says:

    Als lid van een clientenraad van een grote zorginstelling ben ik bezig met een onderzoek naar de mogelijkheid om de knufffelrobot Paro in te zetten op de psycho geriatrische verpleegafdelingen.
    Zou het mogelijk zijn mij wat prijzen en informatie toe te sturen?
    Dank en vriendelijke groet,
    Tiny Berkers de Lisse in Asten
    De Lisse is een onderdeel van Savant zorg

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