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ISO Standard on Collaborative Robots: ISO/TS 15066:2016

There is an interesting new standard in the ISO archives: ISO/TS 15066:2016Robots and robotic devices — Collaborative robots In recent times such collaborative robots are becoming available and they are already usable for certain scenarios. Please check out the videos … Continue reading

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UPA4SAR. User-oriented profiling and adaptation for socially supported robotics. The aim of the project is to design an adaptive behavior of a robot system that is responsible for maintaining the Activity of Daily Living (ADL) of the user in the … Continue reading

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Some projects in Healthcare Robotics

UPA4SAR. User-centered Profiling and Adaptation for Socially Assistive Robotics. The project goal is to design an adaptive behavior of a robotic system that is in charge of monitoring the user’s Activity of Daily Living (ADL) in the case of people … Continue reading

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Must-See: A Robotic Dog’s Mortality (NY Times)

The link to the full story

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More Robot Helpers by the Bed?

It pays to have a look at the cause of the poll, which was news (i.e. on Zorgvisie) about a German ‘Helper Robot’, the Casero (see picture). There are more of such robots under development (e.g. Care-o-Bot). One could describe … Continue reading

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The Sleeping Buddy

An interactive cuddly toy to bring along to bed to help you sleep or soothes you in the night when you wake. Which kid would not like to have one? And in the care for the mentally disabled it could … Continue reading

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Buying Paro in the Netherlands? Now through Focal Meditech.

Focal Meditech BV now the official distribution partner for robot baby seal Paro The company Focal Meditech, based in Tilburg, has signed an agreement with the Danish Technology Institute, the European distributor of Paro, that gives Focal distribution rights for … Continue reading

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Social Robotics, a field of scientific study?

Is it possible to give a good definition of social robotics? Is it a field of scientific study or is it only a catch phrase for exciting robot stuff? If it is a field of study, can we identify what … Continue reading

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