CHRIS movie about robots cooperating with humans

A European Social Robotics project called CHRIS (Cooperative Human Robot Interaction Systems FP7 215805) has received its final

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review last april. They have also created a very nice video that summarizes their work:

As the video shows, the work is about safe cooperation and it includes the recognition of gesture (pointing), speech, actions, and objects. It is quite interesting to see the capabilities of a 18 month old human child compared to what a robot can do (not much). Perhaps that is due to the fact that kids never worry about hurting their parents. They just go for

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it, and their mother will let them know when they are doing something they should not. That is a pwerful learning strategy.

I think the CHRIS video shows nicely what Humanoid robots can and can not be expected to be able to do. Most robots will not be able to do everything the iCub or Bert2 can do. CHRIS is at the cutting edge.

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