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Classic timepieces that never age A fine timepiece is something that can become an heirloom piece that is passed down from generation to generation.The most iconic timepieces of all time are christian louboutin sydney those that have a timeless aesthetic that endures regardless of the decade during which they were originally designed. 7)Breitling navitimer The breitling navitimer is the quintessential aviation timepiece.The watch’s iconic dial incorporates a standard chronograph in addition to slide rule functions which were used to help pilots make calculations when the classic watch debuted in 1952.The functional markers exude an air of utility that is elegantly executed, striking the perfect balance between beautiful form and essential function.The beveled bezel of the watch evokes the notion of precision craftsmanship which matches the flight cockpit aesthetic of the dial it frames.While the slide rule functions have since been rendered obsolete by modern technology, the classic design of the face is synonymous with aviation timepieces, giving this breitling the distinction of being one of the most identifiable and enduring timepieces ever created.This is the quintessential breitling and one of the hallmarks of the horological world. 6)Tag heuer monaco Tag heuer has a long and illustrious history in the world of sport and racing, but it was the 1969 release of the monaco watch that made the swiss watchmaker a truly household name for most americans.Steve mcqueen donned the tag heuer monaco in the legendary racing film”Le mans”And the watch’s link to auto racing and its iconic status were forever solidified.It’s hard to look at this tag heuer watch without imagining a steering wheel just out of focus in the background behind it and the roar of a well tuned racing engine providing the soundtrack. 5)Cartier ralph lauren online shop tank The cartier tank watch was not the first wrist watch, but it was the first wrist watch designed from conception specifically as a wrist watch.Previous efforts featured round cases with straps attached, clearly echoing their pocket watch origins.Leave it to louis vuitton sale the french to create a square watch case that fits seamlessly with the watch bracelet, creating a minimalist aesthetic that forever changed how wrist watches were designed.Cartier’s tank watch originated in 1917 and endures as a top seller for the luxury goods company due to the lasting style and prolific fashion influence of the design. 4)Omega speedmaster The omega speedmaster debuted in 1957 with its simple recessed chronograph design and iconic tachometer bezel surround.The watch’s black dial and white markers denoted a sense of understated sporting elegance, fitting because the watch did not need a flashy design to stand out when it was masking one of the most durable and rugged mechanical watch movements ever created.After a series of rigorous tests simulating the duress that a watch would endure in outer space, the omega speedmaster was deemed qualified for all manned space missions by nasa in 1965.When the speedmaster became the first watch worn on the moon in 1969, the watch was universally accepted as a benchmark in sport watch durability and build quality.The speedmaster is the horological equivalent of the porsche 911 the watch has been tweaked a bit over the decades, but the overall design integrity and distinctive features remain intact and the watch exudes a sporting image for the man of taste but is still reliable and built tough unlike some of its more complex competitors.Omega has also made numerous special editions of the speedmaster over the years due to demand for all things”Speedy”From the watch’s dedicated fan base;It truly is the porsche 911 of timepieces. 3)Rolex submariner The 1953 appearance of the rolex submariner was a landmark event in the history of wrist watches.The watch’s revolutionary oyster case expanded the capability and raised the expectation of sport watches, while the visual style created and defined the very concept of what a sport watch should look like.The oyster case eschewed the low profile that characterized men’s wrist watches of ralph lauren polo homme the time and instead ushered in an era of sports watches with a masculine aesthetic and stout construction.The rolex submariner is the ubiquitous diving watch and is a household name for even those whom are completely unaware of the horological significance of the timepiece. 2)Jaeger lecoultre reverso The jaeger lecoultre reverso originated in 1931, when the watch’s legendary design was conceived out of practicality.Seeking a watch that could be worn during polo matches without risking damage, the company set out to protect the watch’s glass from being shattered during play.The ingenious solution to this problem was to allow the watch face to swivel, or reverse, by sliding in its base.This utilitarian mechanism rooted in the aristocratic sport of polo appealed to the well heeled and the elegant execution of the practical design displayed jaeger lecoultre’s sense for precision craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal.It should come as no surprise that this meticulously crafted watch that exudes old money refinement is the preferred timepiece of don draper. 1)Any patek ralph lauren sale philippe Patek philippe is the benchmark by which nearly every other timepiece is measured due to the watchmaker’s meticulous craftsmanship, stunning attention to detail and constant horological innovations.Patek philippe built its name around developing complex complications that achieve a level of mechanical excellence that few can even imagine touching.These watches are the pinnacle of watchmaking excellence, achieving technical feats that challenge the limits of mechanical engineering, and they are never built to price points.The standard of excellence that patek philippe is synonymous with is something that remains unrivaled in the watchmaking world and rivaled by only a few in other industries.The brand’s watches match the bespoke craftsmanship and luxury feel of rolls royce while meeting the technical and performance merits of ferrari.No wonder many of patek philippe’s timepieces cost more than cars from either of those heralded automakers. The contributor proudly takes care of his deceased grandfather’s jaeger lecoultre and his deceased father’s omega seamaster.Hampson draws from his wealth of experience in b2b sales, film production, music promotion, banking and the fashion industry.In depth knowledge of these varied fields allows him to see a bigger picture.Today’s women wear men’s watches daily and quite frankly if you see a watch you really love why not?Affordable men’s watches with subdialsthese battery powered creations don’t have the prestige, mechanical genius, and exclusivity of the fine european automatic watches, but they are accurate, stylish, and priced fo. Related contentjacques leman watches for men5 unique luxury watchesa guide to the affordable men’s watches of the classical revivalbest swiss army watches for women 2011a guide to vintage style men’s watches inspired by military aviationelini watches for womenlucien piccard watches for men 4 CommentsSign in to CommentLlonhb 7/13/2013TodAy All of us chose thAt it would be better we louis vuitton outlet enter into villAge And buy vArious items.Your coming(A)Times are going to be loaded that carries a lot to accomplish as well as since it became a saturday this mes lv bags wholesale did wonders mainly because the schools cant be found inwards program.Moses new mother needed all of us in order to area along with decreased people off of by several shops that will sell african items cheap nike shoes and also soveiniers.She left to attend the marketplace to purchase develop food items and then we stayed backward having moses to go around.Certainly one of moses mom’utes friend helped all of us with all the course of action given that your woman a have regarding her own.Your initial architectural plan was to originate from one Llonhb 7/13/2013now All of us chose who would be best thAt individuAls louis vuitton outlet enter into AreA And buy severAl things.The coming(A)Days will likely be jam packed that carries a lot to perform along with mainly because it would have been a weekend this womens lv handbags sale did wonders primarily because the schools were not inside program.Moses female parent took us all in order to village and fallen all of us off of by a few outlets in which promote cameras artifacts cheap nike shoes and also soveiniers.She remaining to go to industry to get develop foodstuffs and then we spent the nights returning having moses to buy all around.Considered one of moses mom’ersus friend assisted us with the process since she a endure associated with her own.Your first program ended up being begin from just one Webs 5/15/2013jordan shoes is a collection cheap nike free run shoes for sale of goods because they enjoy many fanatics recognition running shoes.Allows you to cater to the market, the characteristics of jordan shoes, introduced a number of”Packaging”, this may be a particular version.Also popular in every particular model.The air jordan 1 published in 85, this paper introduces in the mid 94 2001 in addition, shrinkage.Jordan experienced basically release most of varieties.Jordan only two exhibited excellent french deerskin and proportion is designed in the 1800 women began to design.Oxygen device cheap jordans of air jordan 3 prominent itself, any jumpman marks, leather elephant printing roller.For every cheap qiao danxie design in addition to the famous and have the right to love ad.This may be a reason, every year the world best nike

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Clean christian louboutin australia up australia cheap ralph lauren may ralph lauren outlet online help find missing mum Detectives have issued a list of 13 items they haven’t been able to account for since the 34 year old disappeared from her upper coomera home more than three weeks ago.They have asked clean up australia organisers to keep a lookout for the belongings, which include a black chanel handbag, beige prado wallet, brown louis vuitton key wallet with a volvo ralph lauren polo homme key, clothing and two suitcases.Apn apn group websitesneed help?Refer to our helpful faq section for any problems you might be experiencing.Sunshine coast daily sunshine coast news national news world news sunshine coast sport entertainment movie news tv news lifestyle travel shopping business real estate home loans horoscopes maroochydore weather newspapers in educationwhat’s on tv guide now/next movies movie reviewssunshine coast classifieds jobs in sunshine coast cars for sale in sunshine coast property listings in sunshine coast bargains for sale in sunshine coast obituaries in cheap louis vuitton bags uk sunshine coast personals in sunshine coast notices in sunshine coast

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Classic men’s wallets that never go out of style I know not louis vuitton outlet uk every man puts much thought into choosing the wallet he uses.After all, it’s just something that carries your cold hard cash.But to me, the wallet is arguably a man’s most essential accessory and the wallet he carries says a lot about him and his personal style. So regardless of you’re buying a wallet for yourself or as a gift, you should really take your time to pick a good one.It’ll accompany you for many years to come. Women are clearly spoilt for choice when It comes to handbags and small leather goods.Every season, designers crack their brain to come up the”It”Bag that will be the object of every woman’s desire.As guys, we aren’t that fortunate.We don’t have that many designers clamoring for our attention.But it doesn’t mean we don’t have choices.In fact there are men’s wallets and small leather goods that never go out of style.I’m drawn to these timeless classics because there’s always an interesting story behind their success.They may not come cheap but they’ll certainly elevate your status in the style department. Must de cartier by cartier 1974 was the year Cartier made a comeback in the world of leather goods with the Must de Cartier line.The color burgundy, with a slight raspberry hue, was chosen as a logical continuation to the cartier red for this ralph lauren polo shirts must have collection of fine leather goods.Burgundy soon became the new black. The influential bordeaux ralph lauren outlet usa color, the iconic double ‘c’ logo, and the distinctive gold hardware make the must de cartier line a timeless classic.But to be honest, must de cartier is not for the weak hearted.Not every guy feels comfortable carrying a burgundy wallet with gold adornments. Pocone nylon by prada It was in 1978 when miuccia prada took over the dusty luggage business from her grandfather.Under her helm, prada became a luxury powerhouse with far reaching influence in the world of fashion. The world took notice when prada made a handbag out of black waterproof pocone nylon.Fitted with its distinctive triangular logo plate, nylon never looked so good.Miuccia prada single handedly made nylon luxurious. Of course, i’m not expecting you to carry the popular nylon handbag.Prada does make nice nylon wallets trimmed with cowhide for men.The success of the legendary meisterstuck fountain pen launched in 1924 helped montblanc become the de facto market leader of fine writing instruments.Today, montblanc is more than just a maker of fine writing instruments.The company has launched its leather goods, its fine watches, eyewear, fragrance and even jewelry. Montblanc’s foray into leather goods started in 1935 when it acquired a producer of leather ware in germany.Riding on the success ralph lauren polo homme of its meisterstuck fountain pen, montblanc launched the meisterstuck leather collection. Using black calfskin fitted with its signature”Star”Logo, montblanc creates a masculine line of fine leather goods that is an instant hit with its predominantly male clientele. Woven leather by bottega louboutin australia veneta Once a seconD tier branD in the gucci group’s stable, bottega veneta has become the group’s rising star.With its ultra exclusive anD elitist appeal, bottega veneta is poiseD to become the next hermes.Recreating the branD’s popular woven bags from the 1970s, bottega veneta beats the trenD of logomania with its hanDcrafteD leather gooDs maDe from the finest napa leather.AnD consistent with the branD’s slogan”When your own initials are enough”, you won’t be able to see any logo on the leather gooDs.But the beautifully woven leather, which ages very well with use, shoulD be enough to announce that you’re carrying a bottega.Dupont is so well known for its lighters that it’s easy for us to forget that simon tissot Dupont founDeD the company in 1847 making leather briefcases for Diplomats anD businessmen.The classic line D collection of fine leather gooDs was launcheD in 1985 anD featureD the Dupont”D”Logo in gold on black calfskin.In recent years, they also offer line d fitted with the trendier palladium hardware.But whether it’s in gold or palladium, line d still looks as timeless as ever. Burberry check by burberry When we think of burberry, we invariably think of the red, camel, black and white check that has become synonymous with the brand.It’s hard to imagine that the burberry check actually has a humble beginning.It was introduced in 1920 as a lining to the iconic burberry trench coat. Burberry is enjoying a revival in recent years all thanks to its creative director christopher bailey’s modern interpretation of the classic check, ceo rose marie bravo’s dynamism, and kate moss’ star power.You just can’t go wrong with such rich brit heritage. Monogrammed canvas by louis vuitton With more than 100 years of history, louis vuitton monogrammed canvas must be the classic of all classics.And no matter what louis vuitton does to the monogrammed canvas, it still sells like hot cakes.They splattered the canvas with graffiti.They planted red cherries on the canvas.They painstakingly sewed the motifs on denim.And they got takeshi murakami who reinterpreted the motif in brilliant rainbow colors.It seems like you can’t go wrong with the monogrammed canvas.

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Fish out of water For bruce kemp and other members of the western pennsylvania paddlesport association, there’s nothing like getting hit with a sopping wet sponge on a hot summer day, or getting thrown overboard into a lake when one of the canoes tips. Neither scenario is uncommon while playing dead fish polo, a unique elimination game that combines dodgeball, water polo and canoeing but no longer involves a dead fish. Annie o’neill, post gazetterobbie hays, 7, tries to toss the”Dead fish,”A sponge, into another boat.Robbie and a group of others from the western pennsylvania paddlesport association demonstrated how to play dead fish polo.The group meets around 6 each monday during the summer, until the clocks change in october. The group started as a trade association around 1985 and evolved into social club in the ralph lauren outlet early ’90s.Dead fish polo is not always on the agenda for the monday gatherings, but food, boating and outdoor activities are always part of the evening. Mr.Kemp, secretary and treasurer of the group, explained how dead fish polo is played. “All the folks make a circle with their bows facing into the center,”He said, and a sponge ralph lauren pas cher is placed in the water in the center of the circle. “All paddlers move toward the sponge in the center.Using only their paddle, they try to fling it toward another boat.If the sponge goes in a person’s boat, that person is eliminated.We play until only one person is left. ” Player dave mcquaid added,”The object is either to get the sponge or get away from it. ” Sometimes, more than one sponge is used, which makes the game more interesting, said mr.Kemp, 58, a house painter from the fenelton section of clearfield. louboutin australia “It’s a unique event,”Said patti jo lambert, media relations specialist of the butler county tourism and convention bureau. “It’s for anyone who wants to have fun and improve and build their boating skills.It’s an unusual event that allows you to get out on the lake and have fun. ” A game of dead fish polo will be one of the boating events at this year’s regatta on lake arthur, scheduled for aug.5 and 6 at the park. No one is certain how the game originated.According to mr.Kemp, it started in the 1970s in minnesota, and, at that time, was played with a dead fish.Donna mckee, a member of the association, said she heard the game got started when a paddler found a dead fish one day during a canoe trip and decided to throw it into a companion’s boat.No one is sure about when the players decided to use a sponge instead of a dead fish, but the reasons for the change are obvious. Players said the game allows for some fun moments. “We do have a man go overboard every once in a while,”Mr.Kemp said. “We think it’s pretty funny when someone tips his or her boat over.We tease them about that. ” Although dead fish polo is usually played for fun, some see the game as a way to improve boating skills.When people maneuver to try to get to the sponge or throw it, they don’t realize they are learning boating techniques, said karen weir, a founding member of the association and co owner of middle path boats in the edinburg section of mahoning, lawrence county. And boating is the main focus of louis vuitton outlet uk the paddle sport association, which is sponsoring the canoe and kayak races at the lake arthur regatta, along with middle path boats. “Sometimes, it’s fun to just paddle along the shore,”Mr.Kemp said. “There’s a lot of streams around the area.Pittsburgh is rich in rivers.It’s a whole lot of fun to be out and see the flowing water and to just see what’s around the bend.It’s very pleasant. ” Mr.Mcquaid, of ellwood city, a member of the association, said that, when his children were young, they would take many canoe trips to the lake. “We couldn’t afford big trips, so we just bought a canoe.You can do so much with it.We would take along the kids from the neighborhood and have fun,”He said. “You can get out there and see the wildlife,”Said paul egbert, a founding member of the association and owner of wind water boatworks in butler, which is sponsoring the dead fish polo game at the regatta. “If you’re by yourself, you can relax, and if you’re with a group, you can socialize,”He said. The association doesn’t limit its activities to lake arthur.The group is planning a paddling trip on the ralph lauren outlet usa delaware river this year. Mr.Kemp and others said one of the best things about the group and its regatta events are that they are open to everyone. “Our youngest member is 7, and we have people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and may still have one guy in his 80s,”Mr.Kemp said. “It’s just a bunch of people fooling around and having a good time. ” Carolyn lundberg, who is home during a break from teaching first grade at the uruguayan american school in montevideo, said joining the group had been the best thing she has ever done. “It’s a whole group of people who are just like me,”Said ms.Lundberg, of brookville, jefferson county. “I enjoy being out on the water.I could hardly wait to come back here and get into my kayak. “

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First cheap ralph lauren true grit trailer ralph lauren outlet usa online Paramount pictures has revealed their first trailer for the coen brothers’ re imagining of true grit.Check it out below or watch it at apple itune trailers.The remake stars jeff bridges, hailee steinfeld, josh brolin, matt damon and barry pepper.After taking home oscar statues from their effort no country for old louis vuitton outlet uk men, co directing siblings joel and ethan coen are louboutin sale returning to texas(And the western genre)By leading the direction from a screenplay they wrote. Plot concept:Fourteen year old mattie ross’s(Hailee steinfeld)Father has been shot in cold blood by the coward tom chaney(Josh brolin), and she is determined to bring him to justice.Marshal, rooster cogburn(Jeff bridges), she sets out with him over his objections to hunt down Chaney.Her father’s blood demands that she pursue the criminal into indian territory and find him before a texas ranger named leboeuf(Matt damon)Catches him and brings him back to texas for the murder of another pas cher ralph lauren man. I love john wayne, he is one of the greatest man’s man in the acting world.True grit was hardly his best film at that point in his life john was so drunk at time that he had to be tied to the horse so he wouldn’t fall off.Of the late 60/early 70′s the cowboys was his best film.True he won the oscar but he should have won it earlier for better roles.The searchers, the quiet man, and many other’s.This version is more crafted after the book(The age of the actress reflects this).I will see this.We have so few good westerns anymore on the big screen.Anyway.That’s my 2 cents on it.

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First time louis vuitton outlet uk going to a job fair 4.To minimize paper, i have actually used a one ralph lauren outlet page resume with a cover letter on one side and a condensed resume on the other side which highlights key career points/skills. 5.Get a business card from any employer you speak with and have good feedback with.You will appreciate this direct cheap christian louboutin mode of contact with someone internal if your resume moves forward in the job application process.You make the event”Personal”. 6.[added] Also don’t discount networking amongst other job seekers.The job they might be trying to leave or just left may be the right ralph lauren soldes fit for you. I have been to two job fairs, one in charlotte, nc and one ralph lauren polo here in jacksonville, fl.The one job fair advertised”Dozens”Of employers being there and there were 8!The job fair i went to here earlier this year, i done an online pre registration, showed up about 45 minutes before it opened, wore a shirt/tie/dress coat/slacks/dress shoes with 15 nice resumes in a business folder and ended up finding out that none of the employers at the job fair had openings in my career area.I gave out a few resumes, but didn’t hear from anyone!Even though i dressed appropriately(Business casual to business dress), there were some people there that came in t shirts, tennis shoes, polo shirts and even blue jeans.I couldn’t believe what i saw!One guy was even wearing totally wrinkled shirt and slacks! I have one coming up here in two weeks.Have already signed up for it and will be at it.Hopefully this time at least an interview will come out of it!

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Goody’s to close 69 of its stores knoxville news sentinel 1979:Bob goodfriend becomes president, ceo 1987:Goody’s reaches annual sales of $160 million and 1, 600 employees 1989:Relocates corporate headquarters to knoxville, moving into $20 million offices and distribution center on louis vuitton outlet parkside drive near lovell road and interstates 40/75 1991:Becomes publicly traded company, listed on nasdaq stock market 1994:Bob goodfriend ousted from company by goody’s board in management shake up 1995:Bob goodfriend resumes control of company after suing to stop ouster 2005:Goody’s sold to new york based gf acquisition corp., an affiliate of Prentice Capital Management LP and GMM Capital LLC for $327 million and returns to private ownership Editor’s note:The story has been edited ralph lauren polo pas cher to reflect the correct number of stores that will be closed by the end of the year Less than three years after knoxville based goody’s family clothing was sold and became a privately held company, the apparel retailer has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. A casualty of a weakened economy that has seen consumers grappling with higher grocery and gasoline costs, goody’s plans to close almost a quarter of its 355 stores in the south and midwest by the end of the year, as well as an arkansas distribution center and a new york office.District court in delaware where the company is incorporated, will mark ralph lauren polo uomo a fresh start for the discount apparel retail chain that will become a smaller but more stable company, ceo paul white said. Chapter 11 protection allows a company to continue to operate and maintain business as usual while it develops a plan to restructure its debt and reorganize its operations. “While goody’s has a very successful 55 year heritage and we serve an important market niche, we have recently faced considerable challenges,”White said in a statement. “Having been in retail for over 30 years, i am excited by the potential at goody’s and believe that by taking the right actions now, this business can move forward efficiently. ” In an open letter to customers on the company’s web site, white emphasized the company was not closing or liquidating but rather starting a process that would allow goody’s to”Emerge a strong company better positioned to reach our full potential. ” “It is important for you to understand that goody’s is not going out of business.While we expect the majority of our stores will remain open and will continue to operate without interruption, we plan to close some locations over the coming weeks,”White said. Goody’s bankruptcy follows a chapter 11 filing last month by bedding and home furnishing retailer linen n’ things, whose parent company apollo took it private in 2006 for $1.3 billion.In february, electronics gadgets retailer sharper image filed for reorganization under chapter 11. Since the $327 million sale of the company to majority owner prentice capital management from the founding goodfriend family, the retailer of moderately priced apparel has been undergoing an organizational restructuring to become more cost effective and to help it achieve ralph lauren polo shirts 2008 financial goals. The company’s top executives were optimistic about a turnaround and there was even talk of becoming a publicly traded company again.Last fall, goody’s introduced an exclusive celebrity clothing line from ashley judd, with plans to cheap christian louboutin australia add oshkosh and carter’s to its children’s brands, as well as ralph lauren’s chaps this year. Sales in 2006 were $1.4 billion but the company has struggled with sales declines in recent months.The company laid off 5 percent of employees at its knoxville headquarters in late january and ceo charles turlinski resigned after a year on the job. The company said monday that it had identified 69 stores to shutter but it wasn’t clear how many of its 10, 000 employees would be affected.Goody’s stores typically employ between 20 and 30 people. “The decision to close a large number of stores and further consolidate operations was a difficult one and we regret the impact that this will have on some of our employees.However, we believe these are necessary steps as we work to improve the business and return to profitability,”White said. It only makes sense for a cash strapped company to take a look at closing stores, restructuring its staff and evaluating its inventory mix, said cole piper, executive in residence for the retail and consumer science department at the university of tennessee. Retail industry is tough even when the economy is good, said piper, who retired from proffitt’s in 1999 after 30 years with the department store chain. A financially troubled company can sometimes”Sell your way out of a problem,”But piper said when people are looking at $4 a gallon for gas the situation is compounded. “Consumer confidence is not that strong right now.Unfortunately, retail, in a lot of cases, is not in that discretionary mix,”He said. Despite the highly competitive retail landscape with stores like kohl’s, target and wal mart, piper said he expected goody’s to recover because it will be more focused. That’s one reason, he said, none of the stores in knoxville have been targeted for closure. “The company was started here and its customers know goody’s.They want to protect that base,”He said. A total of 103 stores, including the 69 targeted as part of the reorganization, were operating at a loss and will close by the end of the year.Goody’s said many of them were not well aligned with its business strategy because they were too large and not in its targeted small to midsize markets.

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(English) Babyloid, a Cuddle Robot for Elderly with Dementia

General mills is cutting 850 jobs

When the general hurts, the sergeants and privates suffer.Mike hughlett and patrick kennedy of the strib report on general mills’ job cuts: “Grappling with high ingredient costs and tepid consumer demand, general mills tuesday announced corporate restructuring plans that will eliminate 850 jobs worldwide, about half of them in the twin cities.

The majority of general mills employees in the twin cities work at the company’s sprawling campus in golden valley.Company spokeswoman kirstie foster said that ‘administrative and support’ positions would be most affected by the layoffs.The layoffs come as general mills, like many packaged food cheap louis vuitton makers, has struggled with high commodity costs and weaker sales growth.In february, general mills lowered its current fiscal year profit outlook due to flagging sales.And consumers have continued to show resistance to price increases passed down by food makers. “Have you seen the cost of a box of cheerios lately?

The state department of education has released its first rating of schools in the post nclb era.The ap story says: “Nearly half of minnesota’s 2, 255 schools failed to meet the no child left behind benchmarks in 2010.Many of them faced potential penalties that included forced staffing changes and expensive requirements to provide free after school tutoring or busing to better schools.Education commissioner brenda cassellius said the new system is a fairer and more accurate way to hold schools accountable.Minnesota’s new multiple measurement ratings approach looks at four categories:Academic proficiency, student growth, progress in closing achievement gaps, and graduation rates.The new system evaluates only the performance of title i schools those where at least 40 percent of students qualify for free or reduced priced lunches, a common measurement of poverty.The highest performing 15 percent of title i schools in the state, or 127, were named ‘reward schools.’ The 10 percent of Title I schools doing the poorest on Minnesota’s achievement gap, 85 in all, were designated ‘focus schools.’ And the bottom 5 percent of the most persistently underperforming Title I schools, 42 in all, were designated ‘priority schools.’”

At the pipress, christopher magan and maryjo webster write: “Principal barbara kearn has exciting news about student achievement to deliver to willow lane elementary teachers at their morning staff meeting in white bear lake.The school of more than 300 students began the week on the list of minnesota schools not making ‘adequate yearly progress’ toward math and reading standards, cheap michael kors putting it at risk of being labeled failing under the federal no child left behind law.Willow lane’s designation changed tuesday.When the state department of education unveiled multiple measurement ratings, the state’s new way of grading schools.Under the new measures, willow lane is a school state education officials say should be emulated.’I think their jaws will drop open.’ Kearn said of the reaction she anticipates from her teachers.Willow lane is an example of why critics said the federal law was so flawed that minnesota and 25 other states received waivers to write their own evaluation systems. ”

At the strib, kim mcguire and steve brandt file on the new standings, saying: “There could be some surprises in the new ratings.Some schools that performed poorly enough to win federal school improvement grants will do better when more factors are considered, kramer said.Meanwhile, wealthier schools that traditionally post high test scores may not look as good on the comparison of how much improvement their students are making year to year, said david heistad, research director for minneapolis schools.’There are some schools we’re seeing in the data that are going to be pretty alarmed, ‘ Kramer said, referring to some high testing schools that score low on the added measures.Minneapolis research specialist chris moore said that the old method of rating school performance mainly on test scores created a focus on ‘bubble kids, ‘ those just above or below testing proficient.But measuring growth makes every student’s progress count more, he said. ”

Frankly, i wasn’t aware”Campaign season”Ever stopped.Bill salisbury’s pipress story on”Filing day”Says: “After signing an affidavit of candidacy and plunking down a $100 check at the secretary of state’s office, state sen.John howe pronounced, ‘the campaign season starts right prom dresses on sale now.’ At least political wannabes could become official candidates starting Tuesday.When the filing period for more than 1, 000 federal, state and local offices opened in minnesota.June 5.The second and third people in line at the state office building were a pair of congressional candidates:Republican state sen.Rep.Rick nolan of crosby, a democrat campaigning in the 8th district.Nolan was lucky parry was there. He had to borrow theRepublican’s reading glasses to fill out his filing forms. ”

Tim post of mpr revisits a story that played briefly last winter.He writes: “On the front lines are school counselors, whose jobs is to help students with problems before a crisis occurs.But that’s difficult in minnesota, which has one of the largest ratios of students to school counselors in the nation and a shortage of community counselors who treat children.According to the minnesota association of school counselors, the average ratio of students to counselors in the state is about 800 to 1.’Minnesota is second to last in cheap ralph lauren shirts the nation as far as the ratio goes, ‘ said Kay Hertling Wahl, a professor of counseling at the University of Minnesota.The lopsided student to counselor ratio makes it difficult for counselors to be effective in dealing with things like depression, addiction or bullying, herting wahl said. ”

I love a good list.This one says we’re dang bike friendly.Frederick melo at the pipress reports: “The league of american bicyclists announced tuesday.That minnesota ranks as the second most bicycle friendly state in the nation.That’s an improvement from 2010 and 2011, when the state came in no.4.It held fifth place for two years prior.An announcement about the announcement was circulated by the minnesota department of transportation, which helped earn the state high marks on the league’s ‘score card’ because of its bike friendly programs and policies.The league wrote in the score card:’From the Mississippi River Trail bikeway and DOT’s supportive policies, to Nice Ride bike sharing and the Blue Skunk Polo Club Minnesota loves bicycles.’ The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources manages more than 600 miles of paved bicycle trails and adds about 10 miles per year, making the state the ‘Best Trails State’ in the nation, according to the league. ”

Well, someone has to put their name on it eric roper of the strib writes: “Minneapolis’ city attorney susan segal has put in writing her argument why the city does not have to hold a referendum on the vikings stadium, despite a requirement in the city’s charter.Segal’s formal opinion is moot in some senses, since the final stadium legislation includes a provision to override the city’s charter.But segal said she wrote it as though that provision was not included.The referendum requirement has long been the glue holding together stadium opponents on the minneapolis city council.In her opinion, segal argues that the relevant suite of stadium taxes citywide sales tax, downtown restaurant and liquor taxes, and a hotel tax are not a”City resource”Since the city cannot control the revenues.Others, like state rep.Diane loeffler and council member gary schiff, dispute that assertion. “They could seriously shorten the city charter by just culling out everything than can be overriden when deemed inconvenient.

Wait a minute pennsylvania?Our man denny has been moved again.Says dee depass in the strib: “In a case reminiscent of ‘follow the bouncing ball, ‘ imprisoned auto dealer denny hecker has been moved yet again, this time from a holdover prison in christian louboutin sale oklahoma to a prison about 145 miles north of philadelphia.Penitentiary in canaan, penn.The prison has a satellite minimum security prison camp, and it is believed that is where hecker is being held.The move marks the sixth prison for hecker since he was first arrested in october 2010.It is his fifth prison in four months. “Denny should write a travel book.

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